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Moving on Up: Makin Moves 2022  is a 1 day a week programme, that runs across 6 weeks empowering young men to achieve their full potential. 

Open to men from black British, black African, black Caribbean and mixed black ethnic groups, aged 16-25 based in the London Borough of Newham, our programme has been co-designed for by young black men and is for young black men, equipping you with the skills and opportunities to achieve your full potential! 

Collaborating with experts and organisations such as BADU SPORTS, our programme consists of workshops that include, Movement -Mindfulness- Motivation, [how exercise contributes to your confidence],  CV and job application guidance, business and financial literacy [how to make your money work for you]. And a chance to have your voice and story heard via podcasting. 

Moving on Up: Makin Moves 2022, is a Trust for London programme spearheaded by BTEG. In Newham we are part of the collective impact consortium with London Works, West Ham Foundation, Our Newham Work, Badu Sports, Exit Foundation, Fight for Peace and Community Links. Together we collaborate on ensuring that young black men are supported and connected to wide range of training and paid opportunities.

For A New Direction we place this activity under Good Growth Hub activity where we bring together people and businesses in east London to offer career opportunities, training and skills to 18- to 30-year-olds in our community, and fresh new talent to local businesses.

Our mission is simple: use the very best ideas, people and practices to become a national leader in bringing opportunities for young people. Or, as we like to call it, Good Growth. We celebrate diversity in every sense, from neuro-diversity to gender to race and stand to give everyone the tools they need to pursue their passions.

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